Music Box Plus

Music Game

Play children's songs on the phone screen with karaoke-style text

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Music Box Plus is educational music game for children.

This app has a colourful, clear and straightforward design making it easily accessible for young children. When beginning to learn an instrument the amount of signs, symbols and directions can be quite confusing, this app simplifies this. It focuses on the two key aspects that children need in order to first play a melody – pitch and duration and uses simple symbols to represent this. Additionally the clear scoring system allows the user to quickly see which songs they have been able to play with the highest level of accuracy and which ones they should go back to improve on.

First, choose an instrument to perform, between a simple children's xylophone with eight keys for simpler melodies, and a piano with twenty-three tones for more advanced ones. Select a children's song and play it on the instrument displayed on the phone screen, with a visual indication of the key to be pressed. At the same time, the text of the children's song is played on the screen in karaoke style. You can turn play mode on or off at any time so that the application plays the selected melody on its own. Finally, the app will evaluate your performance in performing the melody.

Cheerful, fun, and educational.